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Boat Doctor, the yachtservice in Barcelona

Boat Doctor is an allround nautic service company located in Martina Port Vell Barcelona, specialized in the small and big maintenance of your boat in your absence: ranging from monthly cleaning to the delivery of completely customized yachts.

Supply in every required service for as long as your boat is based in the Barcelona port, from the moment you buy it untill you want to sell it. In a few years we want to expand to other ports in Spain and Europe as well, so that in a few years you will find a Boat Doctor to take care of your property in the biggest European ports.

Founded four years ago by a Dutch naval engineer, the Boat Doctor is specialized in the maintenance of your yacht.

services and products

We deliver services and products of the highest quality to keep your yacht in optimal conditions.

  • We can prepare your yacht for a stay or journey
  • We offer the continuing maintenance and cleaning of your yacht in your absence in order to prevent and fix problems
  • With a great variety of experts at our disposal, we can also provide all sorts of big maintenance, repairs and refits, up until the delivery entirely customized boats.
  • As the agent of Sea Independent – Spain, we assist in the sale of your yacht. Affiliated to the HISWA association and recognized by EMCI, this process can be committed in a safe and familiar way

This way, your yacht will be in safe hands in your absence and in optimal state wating for your visit!

Tailored services

We are an all-round nautical company specialized in maintenance, repairs and refits. Suiting our service to the custom needs of you and your yacht. Ensuring quality and comfort at all times by providing you with service and products needed to keep your ship in the state of excellence it was designed for.


Prior to your arrival we can take care of your yacht, ensuring that everything is in place and ready for use, whether you would like to make a journey or just want to stay in the port. Boat Doctor also offers the option of preforming service checks on your boat during the time of your absence. This makes sure that we are in time to prevent and solve any potential problems that may cause severe harm to your yacht.


In case of bad weather or other unexpected problems Boat Doctor will be on stand-by to offer our clients 24/7 service and assistance. The safety of you and your yacht is of major priority to us.

Yacht brokerage

As the agent of Sea Independent in Spain, Boat Doctor can assist you in the sale of your boat. Sea Independent is a collaboration between agents and yacht brokers that serves its customers with the sale of motor and sailing yachts.


After many years of experience in sailing and boat repair/maintenance within the Barcelona-area as well on international level, Boat Doctor has contacts with some of the best specialists within their field of expertise ready to assist us at a moment notice.


Boat Doctor Barcelona is located in Marina Port Vell, situated in the heart of Barcelona.
We are fluent in english-, spanish- and dutch language.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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